Research Proposal Guidance


  1. A research proposal is a brief summary of the proposed research study to be conducted in the future. It is like a roadmap or blueprint of the entire journey of the proposed research. It comprises the underlying issues or research questions that you intend to address and discuss. It portrays the general area of study within which your research falls, develops a link between the past literatures content to the future insight that you are going to delve in.
  2. Though preparing a research proposal is a preliminary task, but it requires due intelligence and art to strengthen the foundation of your entire thesis at this early stage. There are pros and cons of each method of the tools and techniques used in a study that varies from research to research. Thus which way to go and to what extent is to be addressed in your research proposal.

While writing a Research Proposal, few things must be kept in mind-

∎  Research objectives must be concise, realistic and executable.

∎  The idea of too many or too few research objectives may spoil the game.

∎  Research objectives and hypotheses must be developed after an extensive and profound review of previous literature in the respective areas of research.

∎  What is the need and significance of the research?

∎  How your research is adding to the existing stock of knowledge?

∎  How can the topic be justified?

∎  What are the research questions and hypotheses that are to be addressed?

∎  Identifying various variables and research constructs.

∎  What should be the research design, population, sample size etc.?

∎  Researcher must know the type of data (primary or secondary) required to fulfil research objectives.



∎  Introduction / Background / Overview

∎  Statement of the Problem

∎  Need and Significance of the Research

∎  Justification of the Research

  Research Questions Guiding the Study

  Research Objectives and Hypotheses

  Proposed Research Methodology

  Expected Outcomes

  Conceptual Framework

  Proposed Chapterisation