1. MDPs

Recognizing the pervasive nature of management in all domains of life and the growing complexities in the environment, we have come up with our Management Development Programs (MDPs) as an imperative solution for all those aspiring to excel in their domains. These programs aims to shape you as a dynamic manager complying with the changing trends, absorbing the new routes of knowledge and undergoing behavioral transition necessary to survive.

Some key fascinating points of our MDPs-

     ∎   Offering structured programs catering the need of fundamentals to acquiring new roles and finally leading the team.

     ∎   Designing the curriculum in consultation with top managements experts and industrialists.

     ∎   Upgrading the quality with new models.

     ∎   Facilitating customized programs as per your organizational/ institutional need.

     ∎   Developing new skills, attitudes and personality.

     ∎   Providing accreditations.


2. FDPs

Faculty Development Program is one of our core area of development where faculty members and the research scholars are welcomed to take a step higher from where they are standing. Here we thrust upon enhancing the knowledge spectrum, broadening vision, developing insight and sharpening the research mind of our ambitious and goal seeking participants. It serves as an exclusive platform for academicians to stay in tune with the advancement and contemporary issues in their respective areas and gauge the ways to connect and share their expertise.

 Some key fascinating points of our FDPs-

     ∎   Offering structured programs considering the need of both the academicians and students.

     ∎   Designing the curriculum in accordance with the latest advancement in the subject area.

     ∎   Developing research acumen.

     ∎   Upgrading the quality with new models.

     ∎   Offering short term and long term programs.

     ∎   Developing new skills, attitudes and personality.

     ∎   Providing accreditations.