Areas of Research Guidance


 Marketing: Service Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Branding, Customer Relationship Management, Sustainable Tourism, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Retention, Customer Loyalty, Customer Advocacy, Advertising & Public Relations, B2B Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

  Human Resource Management: Employee Satisfaction, Employee Retention, Employee Attrition, Inter & Intra Group Dynamics, Conflict management, Employer and Employee Relationship Management, Organisational citizenship Behaviour, Talent Management, Work-Life Balance, Performance Measurement & Appraisal, Performance Management, Employees’ Training and Development.


Emotional intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence

Team building

Supply Chain Management

Commerce & Finance: Behavioural Finance, Mutual Funds, Microfinance, Rural Micro Finance, Tax Planning and Management, Financial Inclusion and Poverty Alleviation Schemes, Unemployment Issues, Performance of Commercial/Cooperative/Regional Rural Banks.

Strategic Management: Implementing Strategic Change, Takeovers, Restructuring and Corporate Governance, Strategies for Creating Value, Managing Organisation Change and Development, Corporate Sustainability Management.



Education: Women education, cooperative learning, bullying, Classroom Management,

Theology: Islamic Studies, Vedas & Upanishads, Buddhism, Sufi & Zen Mysticism etc.

Philosophy: Marcus Aurelius, Horace, Homer, Virgil, Cicero, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epictetus, Epicurus, Taoism, Zen & Sufism, Advaitvad, Islamic Philosophers etc  



  Social sciences

  Environmental studies: Carbon Emission Reduction, Environmental Disasters, Climate Change, Energy Systems, Global Warming, Environmental Policies etc

  Psychology: Clinical Psychology, Stress & Anxiety Disorders.

  Medical science: Nutrition, Women Health, Childhood Obesity, Stress And Anxiety Disorders, Hypertension, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Asthma.