Personality Development

Personality Development

Personality consists of all the characteristics/traits that express the uniqueness of an individual. According to Social Cognitive Theory, the inner psychology of individuals, their environment, and their behavior all influence one another. Personality development/formation happens when individuals observe the behaviours of others which may lead to adaptation and assimilation, particularly if those behaviors are rewarded. The concept of personality development has a very wide scope, and it can be addressed from following four aspects-

  •  Physical grooming aspect

  •  Managerial aspect

  •  Psychological aspect

  •  Spiritual aspect

Since, the Personality Development is a very broad subject, we focus on different aspects of personality for overall development of students at MRI.

Why should we develop our personality?

  •  To manage our career and life

  •  To develop harmony within ourselves and with others

  •  To impress oneself and others