About the M.R.I.:

Management & Research Institute (MRI) is a specialized institute for providing guidance to PhD research scholars and conducting management training and personality development programmes for executives and students respectively. It was established by Professor (Dr.) Ileyas Rizvi in 2000 for imparting various programs on management education and personality development. In the year 2007, the institute established itself as a specialized institution of PhD guidance. Since then more than 300 PhD research scholars have been guided successfully on various topics of research in different subjects. The institute promotes novelty and originality in research and guides research scholars in such a manner that they have profound conceptual knowledge of the topic & subject, research acumen and knowledge of applied statistics. The institute aims at developing research scholars for not only finishing their PhDs but also gives them the capability of becoming a research guide in the future. MRI offers the best solutions to conceptual and statistical issues and is committed to the highest standard of integrity in its research guidance efforts.

Our personality development wing focuses on the overall development of the students including personal grooming, psychological and spiritual personality development. We believe that self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, self-management and self-development are the foundation of success in any field. The same values and system of belief are shared with all the members of the team working at MRI.




Vision & Mission

Our mission is to develop M.R.I. into an institution specifically established for research guidance and psychological & spiritual personality development. Our goal is to encourage creativity, novelty, originality and excellence in research. We have committed ourselves to develop a system where the purpose of acquiring knowledge is character building, personal growth and self-development.

 About the founder:


Professor (Dr.) Ileyas Rizvi is a dedicated researcher, academician, strategist and administrator, as well as a passionate reader and writer. He is endowed with a vast experience of more than 20 years in academics and research. He earned his PhD in customer relationship management after completing his master of business administration. In 2000, he established Management Institute and in the year 2007, started guiding PhD research scholars. He rebranded his institute into a specialised and dedicated institution for PhD guidance under the banner of Management & Research Institute in Lucknow, U.P. Till date he has provided conceptual and statistical guidance to more than 300 PhD research scholars in the field of service marketing, service quality, branding, HRM, emotional intelligence, conflict management, clinical psychology, microfinance, social sciences etc. He is serving as Professor and Director in a Management Institution affiliated to AKTU. He has numerous research papers published in International Journals to his credit and has attended conferences & presented research papers on multiple platforms of repute. He has been successfully organising several national and international seminars and has been conducting MDPs and FDPs for corporate executives and academicians respectively for the last 15 years. He has been a resource person for the seminars, MDPs & FDP and delivered lectures and conducted workshops on the topics of Service Marketing, CRM, Service Quality, Branding, Consumer Behaviour, Research Methodology, Psychological/Spiritual Personality Development.  His areas of interest include Marketing, Advertising, Negotiation & Counselling, Managing conflicts, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  His passion for spiritual Philosophy and Mysticism drew him closer to Upnishads, Islamic mysticism, Tao and Zen.

About the Director









Dr. Mamtaa Tiwari is a renowned entrepreneur having more than 19 years of experience in creative initiatives and has served in many senior roles during her career. Her exceptional ability to handle core administration gives her the capability of making a huge change with an extraordinary team approach and innovative practices. Presently, she is the CEO of Nutrizo Advancis Health Care Private Limited. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management with specialisation in Human Resource Management and Marketing. Her Ph.D. is on the topic of ‘Emotional Intelligence of software professionals in India’ and she is also an alumna of IIM, Ahmadabad.

Role of Research in Career Building

Research intellect is crucial to identify which actions/information contribute to our knowledge and career growth. It plays a vital role in learning new knowledge and skills and enhancing personal and social competence to find answers to unexplored and unknown areas of personal, academic or professional life. It is an intellectual process that helps you irrespective of your field and is essential for your personal as well as professional development. Professionals who are good at conducting research and analysing data are more capable of serving their organisations or clients; and with the support of findings of their research, they can assist top management in the strategic decision-making process.

Career in Research

If you are aspiring to have a career in research, first you must focus on developing research acumen. You must be very logical and very quantitative and must have an analytical and creative bent of mind. Profound knowledge of research may give you rewarding careers as research analysts in the field of marketing, management, business operations, finance and public policy. You can become- Academician, Management Consultant, Market Researcher, Financial Analyst, Public Policy Analyst, etc.